Brescia University College Offers Several French Degree Programs

Brescia University College is a women’s college located in London, Ontario, Canada. It is a part of the University of Western Ontario and is the only women’s university in the province. The school has a student body of over 1,600 students, with more than one quarter of the population consisting of undergraduates. Although the school is a Catholic institution, it accepts students of all faiths. This is a huge plus in an increasingly competitive educational climate. In addition to the academic rigor of its courses, the campus offers comfort and a sense of community, both of which are often lacking at larger universities.

One of the most popular degree programs offered at Brescia is the BS in French for Teaching. The program has a strong focus on teaching and has academically-recognized professors. Students can expect to learn the basics of teaching French as a second language and the more advanced aspects of the language. There are also numerous student clubs and sports for students to participate in. For the athletically-inclined, there is a wide array of intramural sports, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, and indoor hockey.

Another program, the BS in Social Work, offers students the opportunity to study the social determinants of health and wellbeing, which are important not only in their own community but also in the context of a global community. Graduates will have the skills they need to work in a variety of healthcare settings. Furthermore, theĀ program is accredited by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board, which is a prestigious accrediting body.

Another of the programs at Brescia is the BS in Food and Nutrition, which is a recognized and approved program by the Dietitians of Canada. Students can earn a graduate degree, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree depending on the type of program they take. Upon graduation, students can choose to pursue a career in health care, food service, or a plethora of other fields. These degrees can also be supplemented with internships and supervised research.

Finally, the BS in Fine Arts at Brescia is a combination of a solid liberal arts education and a healthy dose of creative pursuits. In addition to the traditional classroom curriculum, students have the option of attending a semester abroad. They may continue their studies with 17 partner schools in London, which will further improve their global literate by exposing them to the world at large.

Whether you are seeking a degree in business, health, social work, or the fine arts, you’re sure to find the right program at Brescia. With its small class size and small town feel, the University is the perfect choice for a comprehensive yet convenient and cost-effective learning experience.