Richmond Movers

When planning a move to Richmond, you can hire movers to pack your belongings, transport them and unpack them for you. These professionals are experienced in packing all kinds of items, from boxes to large pieces of furniture. They use quality packing materials and secure them in their trucks. They also protect floors, carpets and furniture during loading and transporting. They offer full-service local and long-distance moves, including international moves. They provide free quotes and have a money-back guarantee.

The average cost of a full-service localĀ Richmond movers company is $1,500. You can find a reputable local company with an excellent reputation by checking their customer reviews on ConsumerAffairs and contacting them for an estimate. It’s important to note that the state of Virginia requires movers to give you a detailed written estimate for your move. You should also check to see if the movers are a broker, which coordinates your move with another company, or a carrier, which performs the actual moving. If you’re considering hiring a broker, be sure to ask whether they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also, you should ensure your movers are licensed in the state of Virginia to operate as a Household Goods Carrier.

One of the best rated movers in Richmond is Bold Moving and Storage. Its movers are experienced in packing, moving and unpacking for both residential and commercial moves. It offers a white-glove service that includes packing, furniture disassembly and assembly, and cleaning of the new home or office. Its prices are competitive, and its movers have extensive training in lifting and carrying heavy loads. It’s recommended that you hire a moving company at least eight weeks before your move date. You should change your address with the DMV and transfer your utilities ahead of time. Additionally, you should start a folder of important documents and contracts and sell or donate any items that you won’t need in your new home or office.

A family-owned and operated company, On the Go Moving Guys LLC, provides local and long-distance residential and commercial moving services. Its movers use high-quality boxes and bubble wrap to secure your possessions. They’re trained to move pianos and motorcycles, and they pack them securely in their trucks. They’ll also help you move your pets and plants. They’ll clean your old and new spaces before the move and can even install a television for you.

Hilldrup is a corporate relocation firm that works with companies to provide employees a seamless moving experience. They can manage everything from arranging for transportation to finding a new apartment. They work with small, medium and large businesses to create strategic relocation plans and provide relocation support to new employees. They can also manage military moves, and they offer flexible service options to fit the needs of your business. Their services are available nationwide. They also offer employee relocation benefits to increase the engagement of your team members. They can also handle short- and long-term storage for household goods.