Root Realty Property Managers

Root Realty property managers specialize in managing small to mid-sized residential and commercial properties. They offer competitive rental rates and a high level of tenant satisfaction. Using a comprehensive real estate investment strategy, they maximize their clients’ returns. They also provide a range of services, including tenant management, real estate sales, and property renovations. Choosing the right property management company is essential to ensure that your investment properties meet your expectations and goals. There are many options to choose from, but it is important to compare the services and expertise of each company to ensure that they align with your needs.

Residential property management companies focus on managing single-family homes, multi-family units, and apartment buildings. They help their clients determine market rental rates, market their properties to attract high-value applicants, and screen potential tenants. They also assist with negotiating leases, rent collection, and financial statement preparation. They also handle legal issues, respond to tenant inquiries, and take care of maintenance, emergency repairs, and property upgrades.

Located in Bucktown, Root Realty’s portfolio includes a mix of residential and commercial spaces. Its clients include real estate investors, private investors, and homeowners. Its property management team oversees all aspects of the property, from the initial purchase to when it’s time to sell. Its services include marketing, vacancy screening, rent collection, and accounting and reporting. The team also handles construction and remodeling projects and provides a 24/7 after-hours call center.

The Chicago-based property management firm focuses on restoring properties and repurposing them into residential rentals. It works with a wide range of investors and homeowners, helping them maximize their return on investment. Its management services include marketing and advertising, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, and financial reporting. Its clients can access their accounts through an online portal and are provided with a variety of resources to manage their investments.

Established in 2017, Coastal Roots Realty was founded by Peter Enomoto-Hahn and Sean Fujimoto. The company specializes in developing and managing residential and commercial rental properties in Florida and Georgia. Its property managers conduct inspections to evaluate the condition of rental properties, negotiate and execute leases, and assist with the application process for new tenants. They also perform monthly maintenance and cleanings, respond to tenant requests, and schedule recurring lawn care and snow removal. The company has a year-to-year property management contract, but it offers month-to-month packages for those interested in trying out its services.

Open Path Realty LLC manages residential and commercial real estate in the Chicago area. Its services include collecting monthly rent payments, holding security deposits, and sending monthly statements to clients. Its management team assists with obtaining and reviewing credit applications, overseeing construction projects, and responding to tenant requests. Its management contracts are offered on a monthly basis, and they can be terminated at any time. The company also carries insurance policies to protect its clients’ properties against liability claims and damage.