What You Need to Know About Dentures and Their Benefits

Dentures are removable replacement teeth that can be used to replace missing or damaged teeth. They can be made from a variety of dental materials and are fabricated by dentists or prosthodontists.

Aesthetically, dentures are attractive to look at and can make you smile with confidence when you want to. They can also improve your overall oral health by reducing your risk of gum disease, bone loss and crooked teeth.

Getting new dentures may seem like an overwhelming task, but it can be made easier when you have the right information about the process and the benefits of replacing missing teeth. Here are some things to know about dentures and their benefits:

The first thing that you should know is that it can take several months for your mouth to heal after losing or extracting teeth. This is because the tooth socket fills in with bone and the tissue changes shape.

Once the gums have healed, your dentist will take impressions of your jaws to get a precise shape for your dentures. This is a necessary step to ensure that the dentures fit correctly and will not cause discomfort in your mouth.

Your dentist will also decide whether you need a full or partial Dentures and the type of denture that will be best for you. The next step is to place a mold or model of your teeth in a device called an articulator to get a feel for their fit.

Another important factor in ensuring a good fitting denture is the material it is made from. The most common material for modern dentures is acrylic, which is available in hundreds of shapes and shades.

The acrylic can be shaped using a special mold or by hand to give it a natural appearance. This will allow it to mimic your gums in shape and color.

There are several types of acrylics to choose from, including heat-cured and cold-cured. The most common is polymethylmethacrylate acrylic, which is a clear plastic with a soft, flexible texture that mimics the tissue in your mouth.

This is a great choice for your dentures, as it will provide you with a more comfortable feeling than acrylics that are more rigid. It also prevents fracturing when you are chewing.

Regardless of the type of acrylic, your dentist will want to make sure that it is strong enough to support your bite. Dentures can be reinforced with a resin called cobalt chromium, which is an alloy that strengthens the acrylic.

Your doctor can also use other materials to create a more natural looking denture. This is especially true for the base of your dentures, which are made to mimic your gums.

If you’re looking for a denture that will restore your mouth to its former beauty and functionality, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dentist at Blue Island Smiles. We’ll discuss your specific treatment plan and find a solution that meets your needs, budget and goals.